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Ally Mcoists Niece - Wyowyn

Big Man

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Is 'Glasweign' actually a word or is she just a thick cunt?


I may be out of the loop here so apologies to Minj if I'm wrong but that should be an AFC Chat challenge. Make her his first victim.


She just posted on her twitter: ''Going to the doctors tomorrow...thanks! X''


MinJ was quick - he should really work on that...




Source: http://twitter.com/#!/_HayleyMcKay


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i find it hilarious the amount of geeks on here going "no way would i touch that"


every single person on this forum would fuck the shit out of her


difference is, theres only one guy on here she'd even give light of day to



You might have a chance too to be fair Millertime.


We could double team her.


High five.

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I would violate every hole in her body. If she complained I would inform her it was her punishment for being the niece of a horrible hun twat.


EDIT: Oh and thank you MT for the kind words directed towards me. I agree as well. I am the only cunt off this forum she would look at.

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