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Ally Mcoists Niece - Wyowyn

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i find it hilarious the amount of geeks on here going "no way would i touch that"


every single person on this forum would fuck the shit out of her


difference is, theres only one guy on here she'd even give light of day to



And I wouldn't give a toss what or who'd she give light of day to. I'd burst that wide open. Them make her sook my root. I'd maybe even push it in so hard a wee bit of pee would come out. My mate hutch done that once.

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Because I'd rather ride something that had just a bit more sex appeal about her?


I'm nae desperate like some of the gadgies on here.


That has been proven by many of you lot PM'ing a bird on here just because she had a nice profile picture, who actually turns out to be a bloke taking the piss.


I'm glad I went with no.

Now, dinna get me wrang here, I'm nae exactly Brad Pitt masel, nor wiz I much of a smoothie with the ladies in my younger days; but being a Weegie disna make ye 'unsexy', in fact compared to your average Aberdonian, the Weegie women (whom I've come across I hasten to add, not your Weegie equivalent of the Torry quine) are miles ahead in both looks and 'sex appeal' as you put it.


I admit my former incarceration with a Mastrick Minker may be tainting my views slightly, nevertheless considering the dearth of good looking women in Aberdeen, I think you are exaggerating.

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I have done a few mingers when I was a young laddie, but I've never done a bird with a weegie accent - nor will I ever do a bird with a Glaswegian accent, and due to the fact I'm engaged - that will never happen, so I'll rephrase it:


I'll never ever even think about doing a bird with a Glaswegian accent.


I have standards FS, proper standards.


Mingers acceptable, weegie accents NIT!



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I don't see how this can be 'bla bla bla'd' - I'm being genuinely honest.


Weegie accents piss me the fuck off.


I cannot stand their accent, the most irritating thing I've ever had to endure is listening to a weegie witter on.


I most definitely have set myself standards and I've explained those above.




youve shagged mingers = no standards.

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That is proper man standards.


Proper AIBERDONIAN MAN STANDARDS and sheep humper fans should include:


NEVER shagging or even contemplating riding a bird from the shit hole of Glasgow.


I am proud that I've never done / or thought about doing a bird from Glasgow = PROPER AIBERDONIAN MAN STANDARDS!


thats a choice...nothing to do with your standards.


id shag a good lookin lassie over any minger any day of the week, thats the standards i set.

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not you, ive seen ur mug, buffoons

interested to see what this handsome devil who would turn down a perfectly pruned female looks like


as for weegie accents....do you mean proper glaswegian accents, or the monotonous, nasal drone of junkies?


How do you know I'm handsome if you haven't seen me?


Even if I was desperately repulsive (and perhaps I am) I'd still turn down a bird purely on her voice. I fail to see why you think that's strange.


For your last point there is no difference. A glaswegian accent is a monotoned nasal drone.

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thats a choice...nothing to do with your standards.


id shag a good lookin lassie over any minger any day of the week, thats the standards i set.

Think thats a pretty obvious fact, your hardly in the minority with that statement. But most blokes I know have still humped some horrors for a variety of reasons (dry spells, beer goggles, bets). Ive nailed mingers but I still wouldnt go near females of a certain ethnicity, means I have certain standards I will stick to.

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fxck standards anyone who says they havent fxcked a minger/fatty has a screw loose. Christ its 2am your fxcked the nice birds wont look at you, so you minesweep and take home a needy plumper you abuse for the next 5 hours , then leave without saying goodbye. Or is it just me thats dabbled in that sort of behaviour ?

Couldnt have put it better myself.

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