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Ally Mcoists Niece - Wyowyn

Big Man

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i know that, but hes got "the" glaswegian accent im sure you are all on about


thing is, you DO know thats not real...dont you?


I DO, yes I DO.


Glaswegians speak through their nose and it's an accent that gives me the creeps.


Therefore a bird with that accent speaking to me would result in me not being interested in spending any length of time with her and that includes humping her.


Sure there are nice looking ones and truth be told percentage wise Glasgow pisses on Aberdeen on the attractiveness scale of women but the voice. Jesus Christ.


Michelle McManus. :suicide:

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point being, i dont speak like that and neither do any glaswegians i am friends with!


its the scummy ones who do


and im sure the scummy areas of aberdeen have folk talking differently to most well-educated, examples of intelligence that frequent this here board


You need to stop contradicting yourself. ;)



They all sound the same to me. Proper Aberdonian accents are horrendous as well. A toonser screeching in yer earhole would be just as bad as a weegie.

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I can take the banter from people who have never met her, for someone to comment who does know her is a low blow, lets not go down that route and keep your thoughts to yer wank sock.


It'll make for better viewing when Ollie has to eat it, there is a good lad.



Lighten up Robo, never had you down as the emotional type!

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Oh but it is Cheeseypipe.


I was brought up properly, born and bred Aberdonian - I fucking hate weegies, and I pride myself on never sleeping with such a fucking low life scum bag.






laughing.gif All very good reading,


Until you let your self down by mingling with the other low life scum, AKA Scousers...

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