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Latest Purchase Thread

Big Man

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Post a picture of anything that you have bought recently (big purchases and small), so that we can build up both a qualitative and quantitative picture of what is going on in our collective lives. I'll start;

£1.30 - i prefer it out of the glass bottle, it tastes better. I think the aluminium f*cks with the sugars in the drink.

Over to you...

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Jesus, do you never stop to think "I wonder if anyone else will actually be interested in the fact I bought a bottle of Irn Bru?" In fact, I'm astounded you even find it interesting yourself.


What an incredibly cuntish and self-centered thought to enter ones head.


Do you ever stop to think that i don't post on here to arouse your (or indeed anyone else's) interest. I post soley for my own amusement and titilation - no other reason.


If you can't contribute constructively to the thread, why don't you hit the little X button in the top right-hand corner of the screen and piss off to bed like a good wee lassie.



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