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It's high time we had a what you having for your lunch thread, I seem to have been so pre-occupied I clean forgot about this king of inane threads.


1 x sausage roll, bakery, cold.


1 x steak pie, hot.


1 x lump of beef left over from denner.


1 x buttered roll.


1 x litre of ice cold diluting juice.



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Recently I have been eating Ginsters?


Sausage rolls , Cornish pasties , spicy chicken type pastries we nuke in the micro( unfortunately , at work this is a necessity ) or heat in a pre-heated oven( the best way ).


I need a bit of fruit so some apples usually.


Need also a caffeine hit so a Starbucks Via.


It's not the highest form of judgement when deciding on how to fuel this temple that is my bodi , and for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.....like blowing it out my ass.....but then , it's the modern world and our time is short( wave ).

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who the fcuk still drinks diluting juice and eats crisps for lunch.

fcuk me.

is that nae what kids eat?



had two dinners last night.

bowl pasta pesto.

then sushi doggy bag.



today was 2 olliebollens and a few slabs of chocklate washed down with double espresso.



a spinning session followed by 3 hard boiled eggs covered in layers of salt.


mid afternoon snack

will be a double black coffee and blueberry muffin.



nae sure

probably a couple of beers before my tango lesson and then a good few more after and then a turkish pizza on way home.

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By fuck I'm stuffed after the steak pie, jesus.


However I was gifted some 10 year old Glenmorangie recently, never drunk it before, never had whisky for years in fact, but I'm going to have a wee snifter to myself this evening whilst watching Scotland gloriously crush Cyprus.


I've had it for two months and it's burning a hole in my drinks cabinet.

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