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I notice a lot of dog threads - but none on cats so I thought I might as well...


Cats are fucking ace.


Look at tigers and leopards for a start - fucking brilliant.


Then look at domestic cats. Any mice come near your house and they'll toy with them for half an hour before killing them, possibly chewing the head off depending on their mood and then leave you a nice present (to them) on the back doorstep. The only thing a dog will leave you is a shit to pick up. Cats bury theirs - and normally in someone else's garden too. Very respectful.


You are also safe in the knowledge that if something ever happened to you, the cat would be able to look after itself. It'd come looking for food for a while, but could look after itself by hunting until it found some old biddie to move in with. Not like fucking Greyfriars fucking Bobbie, lying around on his masters grave until he starved to death, the twat.


These are just some of the reasons I think cats are fucking ace.


Here are a few more (worth a laugh if you stick with it more than 30 secs) ;


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cats are indeed the shit.


you dont need to hold their proverbial hand for them to do anything. if its hungry, itll wander through and much on some hard food. if it needs the toilet, goes for a shit in its corner, covers it up then comes back out without making a fuss. if it wants out, itll go to the door and sit there for a few seconds. dont need to find a lead, get your shoes, put on your jacket and go with him....nit....open the door, close it after him. then when hes ready to come back in hell jump up on the windowsill and tap on it to get your attention. brilliant.


mine was scared of spiders like. did not respond well to the big fuckers running across the floor but flies and daddy long legs' were gonners. moths were his speciality. hed watch it for a while then start running round the kitchen to build momentum....then launch himself, bounce off the wall and spring back perfectly and catch the moth mid-flight. spectacular sight.


adorable wee thing. whenever there was freshly washed clothes stacked on the seatee waiting to go away, hed come in jump up into it and wrap himself in someones jumper and go to sleep.

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you sound like Confucius





Confucius fa ? :P



That's a compliment , robbo.



Confucius lived before Jesus tho'.....too early for him.





Comparisons are odious


Literal meaning.


The earliest recorded use of this phrase appears to be by John Lydgate in his Debate between the horse, goose, and sheep, circa 1440:

"Odyous of olde been comparisonis, And of comparisonis engendyrd is haterede."





It was used by several authors later, notably Cervantes, Christopher Marlowe and John Donne.


In Much Ado About Nothing, Shakespeare gave Dogberry the line 'comparisons are odorous'. It seems that he was using this ironically, knowing it to be a misuse of what would have been a well known phrase by 1599 when the play was written.



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Fat Freddie's Cat is brilliant - I am a long term fan of the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers as well - I was recently given the complete edition - signed by Gilbert himself!



Absolute genius.



Wow Dandyesque !


Respect !


I had to Google Gilbert to see if he was deid yet.


Still a young thing.....only born in 1940( Year of the Dragon ).


The best thing to come out of Houston.....ever ! :laughing:




Gilbert Shelton (born May 31, 1940, Houston, Texas) is an American cartoonist and underground comix artist. He is the creator of The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, Fat Freddy's Cat, Wonder Wart-Hog, Philbert Desanex, Not Quite Dead, and the cover art to The Grateful Dead's 1978 album Shakedown Street.



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Look at the shape of him now.


Alkie I reckon, faraway look in his eye.



More likely a reefer-head I would say.


Particularly considering his subject matter.


They're supposed to be making a movie of the Freak Brothers - you could (not sure if you still can) "sponsor" a few frames - your name would be put somewhere in the movie - in order to fund the film.


I assume it is one the mainstream studios would avoid, for some reason.

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More likely a reefer-head I would say.


Particularly considering his subject matter.


They're supposed to be making a movie of the Freak Brothers - you could (not sure if you still can) "sponsor" a few frames - your name would be put somewhere in the movie - in order to fund the film.


I assume it is one the mainstream studios would avoid, for some reason.



Aye.....like the movie of 'On The Road' , they've been trying to make 'The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers' for years.


Be hard to top both originals , like.


Think I might recommence the old habit when I retire.....not so much for expanded consciousness these days , more as pain relief. :(

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Cats suck eggs. They abuse hospitality, destroy your furniture, spray on your curtains, bring half/dead animals to you, bury their shit so you can't find it until your gardening, are never there when you want them (god knows when that would be) and come and go as they please, chase the squirrels from the scots pine trees across the road, go to other people's houses for food (as if the food you give them and the animals they catch aren't enough!!!) and make horrible noises.



All cats deserve a punch.

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Thats the actions of a stupid dog.


A dog would lick a humans anus if it thought it might get a treat. Also the leg humpers?? Pathetic creatures!


A pal of mine, some years ago pulled a random and took her back to his then flat in B.O.D.

He had a young Collie and the thing was very excitable.

According to my pal whilst he was taking the lassie from behind the dog wandered into the bedroom as the door was ajar and proceeded lick my pals balls as he was thrusting in and out of the unsuspecting lass who was now involved in some kinky 3way. I can only imagine that the dangling bollocks bouncing and slapping made the dog think it was some sort of game.

It didn't put my pal off of his stroke and he just carried on.

I reckon he enjoyed it.

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Had a couple of Hamiltons at my door twice today moaning my cat has shit on their lawn, I debated that it could have been any cat but caught bang to rights on cctv, I went and picked it up, they then came back and knocked again and asked what I planned to do to stop it happening again. Lost my patience then, after they tried telling me cats could be taught where to shit I closed the door on them and words were exchanged.


Any tips on training an 11 year old outside cat who on good days looks at everyone like they're a piece of shit? I say impossible. :)

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