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12 hours ago, dazzy_deff said:

Mother in law caught next doors cat shitting in my garden the day. Poison going down this weekend. Then will tie it by the tail to the neighbours front door. 

Don't see the issue if they bury it properly. Good for the plants. Bad crack if it's curled one out on the trampoline.

12 hours ago, Don Fonte said:

Cats should be treated like vermin such as rats or mice.

Watch it.

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2 hours ago, Grays Babylon 1875 said:

If I'm going to shag any animal, it's going to be a dog.  

Lord knows I've spent years honing my skills in their style - with women obvs.  Good looking ones an all.  

Give the little fuckers something to yelp about.

Great Dane’s - big fat meaty slit

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