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Sna 2011-2012

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Opened up my curtains this morning expecting to see some of the white stuff and was left bitterly disappointed.

However I am reading on Facebook that there has been the odd downpour across the country.

Anyone got it bad?

Just checked out the ski centres also but there's not enough for them to open yet although Cairngorms is looking rather white crossfingers.gif


Roll on the snowsmile.gif

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Looked like there had been a wee dusting in Westhill which had frosted over when we got home in our taxi at the back of 2.


Could have just been a hard frost though.

Na it was a very light dusting which came down between 12 and 1am then froze over.


I was a bit surprised that there wastn't a bit of sna this morning.


(PS find it quite sad that I'm posting about things like sna and dinna give a flying fuck about the result yesterday!)

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was a piss take this morning.


the sheer amount that fell here in about 30 mins was unbelievable. we thought we wouldnt be able to get the vans out. 7am, all was fine. 7.15....couldnt see out the windows and the streets were totally white. 8am, no snow falling anymore. finished work at 12 and the thaw was well underway but still slushy everywhere. slid all the way home while the sun shone brightly.


if this is climate change, i aint a fan

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