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Aberdeen For Change

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How's this coming along then? Is it turning into that other Facebook campaign "Stewart Milne Must Leave AFC", in that it's just a daily take on AFC matters (ie, stop press... Considine signs new contract!!)?


Trying to get my head around what the purpose of this group is all about. Any ideas?


Also, see the Trust has been renamed Aberdeen Supporters Together. That'll have Milne and co shaking in their boots that will!!



I always thought the AFC Supporters trust hardly had any members?

They never do anything anyway.

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Seemed like it was just an attention seeking exercise for a few lonely individuals. It certainly looked that way on the video footage that was kicking about.


That wasn't Aberdeen for Change (on Facebook and Twitter) though... or was it?

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I see the guy who runs this group has just stuck a load of pics of the Red Ultras on his page on Facebook. I assume therefore, he's 'one of them'? :sherlock:


It seems it's just gone the same way as the other Facebook group... 'Stewart Milne Must Leave AFC' in that all they end up doing is commenting on anything to do with AFC and it has feck all with bringing about change of any kind.


And there was me thinking it might amount to something of substance :dontknow:

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I was in the ru and I noticed a few weeks ago the ru pics and comments. I don't think the originator was ru but he appears to have lost interest and made it open for anyone. So in short, no substance


Steve McCormack (sp?) makes many comments - I think he was one of the founders of RU's wasn't he?


Not knocking the lad for having any association with the Ultras, but disappointed in the way it's just turned into another 'look at me' type of Facebook site. Organising the purchase of Black and Gold scarves, hoodies, t-shirts... all well and good if you have some notion of what is it you want to challenge in terms of 'change'.


Doomed to failure anyway. The only change that needs to take place is at the very top and we all know the chances of anyone other than Milne enforcing that, are slim to zero.

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