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Forfar V Aberdeen

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This'll be the first game of 2012 for me and my first ever trip to Station Park.


Hopefully we'll see a polished, professional performance from the team and we make it through to the next round comfortably.


I think we should start with Chalali and Vernon upfront. Chalali should be buzzing following his goal against United and you'd like to think he could be a handful for the Forfar defence.

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Are all these tickets sold out?


I ask as I've held off buying incase I get punted offshore this week. Been a long 5-6 weeks and I expect the bandwagon to derail.

Would like to go to Station Park as I've never been.


I got my tickets the same time as Caley/United, and tickets were selling fast then, would suggest trying to get as quick as, if not sold out already.

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Not too far upfront as his optimum range seems to be from 35 yards ;)


ah, but if he can score a pearler from that distance, how many could he score from in and around the D?


then even if it doesnt go in, you know vernon will be lurking on the goal line to convert it

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Guest the shepherd

I don't think Brown will make the same mistake as in the league cup and field a weakened side. Our fringe players aren't able to take that responsibility. Lets get the job done and move on to the next round. :thumbup1:

Aye good call. Field the strongest team possible (on merit) against Forfar with a view to getting us through to the next round without any heroics or mistakes like against East Fife. I just don't see the point of managers fielding weakened sides against supposed lesser teams, smells of disrespect in my book. Even the supposedly great manchester united failed, and deservedly so, by doing this against Crystal Palace earlier on in the season.

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Guest the shepherd

Considine i assume is suspended after his undeserved red card in semi-final last season but why is Milsom suspended?

Aye your right there that's exactly what it's for. Well fucking done Neil Lennon. Arse. :banghead:

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Considine i assume is suspended after his undeserved red card in semi-final last season but why is Milsom suspended?


Must be for yellow cards he picked up during the cup run last season. He was booked in the semi - http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/9454893.stm


He is listed in the SFA list of current suspensions - http://www.scottishfa.co.uk/resources/documents/Disciplinary/CurrentSuspensions/Season2011/12/November2011/PlayerSuspensions/LOS19%2824-NOV%29.pdf

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i am going on Saturday too, the first time we've played Forfar in over 80 years! does anyone know the best place to park, and a good establishment for a pre game pint.


Went there a few year ago we played them in a friendly there was a pub just doon the road a hotel type place, and as for parking just streets.

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