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Beginning Of The End For The Bdo?

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Seen that all 4 semi finalist in the BDO have been offered a 2 year tour card in the PDC. Just wondering if this is only Barry Hearn trying in his annual attempt to wind up the BDO big wigs or with the fact that Ted Hankey has moved accross already, after having a bitter arguement and nearly not playing the semi he lost to Kist.

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In recent years, more and more players have switched from the BDO to the PDC. Four-time world champion Raymond van Barneveld was the highest profile switch and the 2006 and 2007 Winmau World Masters winners Michael van Gerwen and Robert Thornton switched without defending their titles. Very few players have moved the other way.


When the PDC was first formed in 1992, it had 16 players. This has now grown to over 400, with numerous big-name BDO players making the switch. John Part, Steve Beaton, Raymond van Barneveld, Vincent van der Voort, Jelle Klaasen, Michael van Gerwen, Peter Manley and Mervyn King are only a few of the big name players that have made the switch.


BDO number 1 Robert Thornton decided to move to the PDC in May 2007. Thornton's first televised tournament was the 2008 UK Open, held at the Reebok Stadium, Bolton. In January 2009 the defection of players continued as the top two ranked players in the BDO, Gary Anderson and Mark Webster, both signed with the PDC. 2008 Lakeside Runner-Up Australian Simon Whitlock also signed with the PDC in 2009.

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Never heard of any missing out. Don't know if any BDO players are at the q school this year, wouldn't be surprised if the likes of Fitton was there. Only know that Manley, Mason and Warriner-Little have entered

Full list here of entries so far. My link Be interesting to see what BDO lads if any appear this week before entry closes on Weds.


Just noticed the final on now and Kist is raping Oshea!!

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Not sure if oshea will go, playing for england is a really big deal for him!


Same with adams.


Dont think Kist will be hanging about, would be amazed if dekker sticks around too.

Sid Waddell tweeting last night saying oshea moving over.


Adams going nowhere as on board of BDO now.


Kist a dodgy one as if stays will make fair bit of cash on back of winning BDO worlds. On other hand if moves over and does reasonably well then could maybe even make more. Suspect he may well move over reading inbetween lines on his twitter.

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I'm sure the rest of Q School will be quaking in their boots at those two! :tumbleweed:


I presume if you go to this Q School you won't be returning to the BDO?

If don't qualify then they can cancel membership straight away. Whether they have to relinquish BDO membership or not before heading to qualifying I am not sure about.

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In aberdeen you would have to do well at county level, which there are three teams (closed shop unless you play in the super prem, and even then its mostly masada boys) You gain ranking points through that and then you get to enter some of the opens etc.


Very very difficult to get going in BDO.


PDC However you just pay the 200 quid to get you to Q school. Then even if you dont get through you are entitled to enter the 12 opens throughout the year.


There are regional qualifiers at rileys but a lot of players are heading to aberdeen / inverness etc as theres a poorer field and they have a better chance to get through


Andy Boulton won at inverness last year.


Then there is the option to find a sponsor and go to places like barnsley, crawley etc and enter other tournaments. (floor tournies)


Whatever happens really, you need a good sponsor and masada bar is the only bar willing to pay / sponsor players.


Mind you - your mate cooper was lucky enough to get 2k sponsorship last year and blew it all on a shopping trip to london and going to stamford bridge.

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I'm glad to hear it, the little cunt.


Major gambling issues that little fucker, so I wouldn't be surprised if in his head he thought 'oh I'll win back the 2K that I'm going to blow on shopping trip / Stamford Bridge'.


Little Dundee supporting cunt.


Hope he gets hit by a bus, no that's quick sick actually - I shouldn't say things like that.........I hope it's a lorry.



He has gambled with sponsors money before but not to the extent of spunking 2k in a weekend.


Pretty sure hes banned from playing darts in the north of scotland now! Definitely banned from entering the granite city open!

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