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Giving Up The Fags


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going outstanding for me :angry:


Day 3, school night, still sitting up at 1.12am unable to sleep.


if i could suggest...


go take a scalding hot shower. take a number of deep slow breaths while you're standing there (apparently that's what's missing for some who quit smoking.. deep breathing). and then pop into bed. usually works for me when i'm quitting.


good luck! hope you get to sleep soon.

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Day 3 for me now as well, got one of those quickmist things which I'm using about 3-5 times a day so far. Spewed the first time I used it cos I sprayed it straight doon my throat - if your using it, spray it under yer tounge!!

Offshore at the moment so I think the real challenge will be when I get home and go for a few pints. And half time at pittodrie.

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If you can't sleep just bang a couple of antihistamines down your neck.


Sleeping pills never worked for me... counting sheep just got me horny...


Antihitamines... nighty night.


The night paracetamol you get in teh US knocks me clean oot Kelt but you dont get them here, piriton just doesnt cut it with me though. Night nurse is a good un but I sleep in after a dose of that.

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Studying the atom should take your mind of the withdrawal symptons...or at least make it easier.


Like the electron that orbits the proton inside an atom , your mind can jump to a different orbit.....one without any traces of nicotine.



Hullo Freedom ! :wave:


Alternatively, smoke your weed through a pipe

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Is it a myth that all people who quit pile on the beef?




it depends greatly on what you do with all that extra time your hands have to do things.


if you're craving a fag, and start shoving crisps and beer into your piehole while sitting down, you'll probably put on weight. if you're craving a fag, and go for a walk or do dishes or knit or something, you probably won't.

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Giving Up The Fags how did you beat yours?


I'm not really qualified to answer but have you thought about taking up smoking? Maybe occupying your hands with a cigarette will mean you think less about working them round the shaft of various homosexuals??


Just a suggestion.

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WILLPOWER...you really have to WANT to give up. I smoked about 30 rollies a day (more on a session). A few months after my youngest was born (had a 2 and 4 year old as well) I felt a bit shite, went to the docs and next thing i know they said i might possibly have lymphoma. Talk about a kick up the arse. From the moment i heard the L word I stopped...immediately, which wasn't easy given the stress levels I had waiting for results. My youngest will be 8 years old in April. Haven't had so much as a puff. All the best to you guys trying to kick the habit (and that's exactly what it is!)

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Smoking is bad for you.


A man has been raped by another man after approaching him in the street and asking for a cigarette.


Police said the 25-year-old victim was attacked near Dowanhill Park, in the west end of Glasgow, between midnight and 2am on Friday.


The attacker is described as a white man in his early 20s, about 6ft tall with fair hair and a heavy build.


Strathclyde Police said he had an east coast accent and wore a long black jacket with a satchel-type bag slung across his body.


Officers also want to speak to a man in his 20s who spoke with the victim shortly after the incident near Hyndland Street and Highburgh Road.


The witness had a Glasgow accent and wore a light-coloured hooded top.


Detective Inspector Steven Watson, of West End CID, said:"This young man has suffered a frightening experience and is very distressed by the incident.


"I would ask that anyone who saw someone fitting the description and or acting suspiciously to contact police."




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I stopped smoking and to be honest if I managed anyone can. I smoked from about 14 or 15 and stopped when I was 34 - I even know the date lol. I smoked quite a lot and was pretty hopelessly hooked, about 15-20 a day and easily a couple of packets when on the razzle.


It was difficult, but grit your teeth and stick with it. First two days are insane, next two weeks difficult. Then you go through about a 6 month period where even though you're not smoking you want to, but it is bearable. Life doesn't seem the same without your nicotine friend, but its a bit like getting over a break up, eventually you right yourself again.


I now genuinely wouldn't smoke if you paid me, it is utterly disgusting and poisons your body. It is a drug, it is highly addictive, it is a carcinogenic. It puts pressure on your heart, increases blood pressure, coats your lungs in tar and makes you stink. It makes climbing stairs difficult, sports difficult, thins your skin and makes you look old before your age.


Stop. It is one thing you'll get right in your life. Smoking is crap and not worth dying for. Good luck and free yourself from the ball and chain that is nicotine addiction.

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I smoked for only 8 years so I can't claim to be in the same situation as the original poster is now, when I gave up.


Think about your reasons to quit - if it's just 'my health' then unless you've had a scare that may not work - smoking casts a long shadow over your health so you may not notice it until it is too late.


I'd start making small changes now where ever possible - I don't think quitting is a sudden thing - it takes planning:


Cut down on the strength of the fags you smoke - low mg doesn't mean healthier but it is less to withdraw from - take this process slowly: a 12mg Marlboro Red to an 8mg Medium is doable but don't rush it - when I stopped I was smoking a 6mg brand - I couldn't get any lower.


If you smoke in comfortable places - in your home office, car etc. stop. Smoke outside especially at this time of year or places surrounded by c*nts you don't like.


Finally wait till you have a heavy cold - this worked for me as I usually smoked less or not at all when sick and when the smoker's cold like symptoms started they were just like a continuation of how I'd been feeling anyway.


I realize that everyone is different but this approach worked for me: I've got zero will power and throughly enjoyed smoking at the time.


Good luck to you and anyone else trying to get off the stuff.

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