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Peter Pawlett

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If it was a player of interest joining the Don's would you not want a picture of him being happy joining? Every club will have a fans site with speculation and chat.

Unfortunately just the way it is with pre-contracts.

Why would we want photos of a player that hasn't actually signed a ft contract & is still playing for another club?

It's disrespectful to your current club & the support of that club.


I cannot remember any other players doing this in past (at any club) & I don't like a current Aberdeen player having done it.


Like telling your bird you're leaving her in a few months & showing her a wee video of you fkn the bird yer going to be leaving her for but still staying & fkn her for a few months because the new birds away overseas at the moment.

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Where you've lived is no concern of mine.


Point is: Peter P has a longing to see what it's like elsewhere. Just as you must have had the longing to see elsewhere while Uncle Tup caressed your sphincter with his burgeoning penis.


Please do not derail the thread. As per.


If you are trying to be funny, you are failing miserably.


The point stands. The north is miles better than the south, as Pawlett is about to find out for his tainted fake club's shilling.

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Average of just over 10,000 this season.


And I'll see that and raise you this....




So you are saying the MK Dons stadium looks like a multi storey car park?


That's a cause for concern.

Give that it is ten times the stadium in terms of style and finish that the lego based proposal out at Kingsford appears to be.

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Guest the shepherd

The last of the Kings debutants....



Are you yearning for the return of Jimmy 'Six bellies' Calderwood min?

Only one King has ever graced Pittodrie and he had a surname of Harper.

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What would happen if Pawlett was to have a serious injury just before leaving Aberdeen.


Does that effect his transfer or are MK Dons liable for his treatment.


Don't wish that on him but it could happen on the last match of the season playing for Aberdeen.



I assume that AFC would require to look after him until his contract expire and then MK Dons would pick up the tab after that.

If the injury was serious and MK withdrew their offer, I assume AFC insurance would pick up the tab after his Dons contract run out.

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I wish Pawlett all the very best for the future.


Players have the right to make a decision where their future lies and Pawlett has done that.


Having done so, the Club also now needs to be looking to the future and we need to be starting others ahead of Pawlett.


Some of the youngsters need to be playing ahead of Pawlett now.


No axe to grind with the lad though, his decision and the best of luck to him.

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Exactly we never did this with Shinnie.

Did Pawlett miss training to go down for this? If club wasn't aware wonder if he was fined wages hence being on the bench yesterday

I think he was on the bench because he's a squad player and isn't good enough to start.

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We shall see... I'd imagine were both agreed that the signing of christie was the ultimate slap in his face?

More than likely.


I'd not be surprised to see Pawlett do well down there. But it'll just reiterate the fact that their league is a million miles from the standard that we're force fed into believing

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