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Dundee Utd - Dundee Moscow 2-2

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heard a bit of this on the radio last night. They were saying the russians climbed up to the United end to get to them.


Unless the United fans were throwing anything at them I don't see why United should be in any bother.


Aye but the home team always has responsibility for providing a safe environment for fans and players. Agreed it's no their fault some Boris decided to start a ruck, but they get the blame.

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When we played the Ruskies it was yours truly who got that lad to give us the finger. It was down to my constant abuse of Sychev and his yellow boots. Got a wee 'Sebo' chant going for him and put him well off his game.


Those who were with me will confirm. The front of the South Stand is where it's at if you want to get it right up the opposition.

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