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Favourite Afc Chat Rivalry

Karl Fletcher


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  1. 1. Favourite?

    • Roberto v Rocket Scientist
    • Tup v Bluto
    • Tup v sheepiekev
    • Millertime v Everyone
    • Tup v Oillie

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No fishing just facts! :laughing:


When it comes down to it your hick town stuff just can't compete with Big City Bluto. :sherlock: His razor wit is just too sharp for the tupster! :checkit:


It's maybe the case that my humour sails right over your head, because you're not clever enough to work out what I'm on about.


You and bluto are on the same level, so I can see where you're getting your point of view from.


All I can say is you're wrong, and you shouldna really be boasting about being 'on the level' with the likes of bluto, as it highlights for the world to see the level of stupidity you have both reached, a glaikit nirvana if you like.

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Perhaps you and dayts could get together down the old battle cruiser for a few swift ones?


Reminisce about the bad old days, when dayts had teeth in his head and could pavement dance with the top boys, and bluto was thin, and able to drink pint upon pint without soiling himself.


Finish off by saying these young lads these days, the likes of tup, could learn a thing or two from us you'd be saying.


As I laugh into my sleeve at the has-been (dayts) and never will be (bloots).


Dayts and Bloots has a nice ring to it.

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