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The Weekly Chat Accumulator 21/22

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Third week in a row we've just come up short, extra kick in the nads that it was the Dons that let us down. Same Crew go again though.

Last Week’s Result 4/5

Don Fonte *(12) Aberdeen to beat Dundee - evens ?
Redforever86 (5) Port Vale away to Barrow @2.25 ?
Sooper_hanz (9) Forrest Green 2/5 ?
Studebaker90 (8) Motherwell st mirren over 2.5 goals at 1/2 ?
G31Don (9) Airdrie away win v East Fife – Evens ?

This Weeks Line Up

Redforver86 * (6)
Sooper_hanz * (10)
Studebaker90 (9)
G31Don (10)
Don Fonte (12)


Parklife (5)
dazzy_deff (2)
Ten Caat (10)
robbojunior (7)
Roberto (5)
King Street Loon (5)
Durrant Dived
Henry (7)
The Buzzard (8)
thedandydon (4)

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10 minutes ago, Sooper-hanz said:

You must have picked it last night very soon after my initial pick. Well blame whoever uses a shit bookie and couldn’t find Truro ffs. 

Stude was the second pick you melt #earlyvalue

Atletico and Truro both breaking the rules...just saying. 2 weeks in a row for you numb nuts. Da worry though, Truro bet is placed. 

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