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The Weekly Chat Accumulator 21/22

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4 minutes ago, rocket_scientist said:

He must be deid. It's not rocket science: -


RFE :banghead:

Roberto :banghead:


thedandydon :banghead:

buzzard :banghead:

KSL :trophy:


You two keep your boots on, you four losers fuck off and these next four fucking gluepots, let's be having you: -

Rocket Scientist
Ten Caat
Durrant Dived
Don Fonte     

Buzzard's pick came in. You spazzy. 

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9 hours ago, Sooper-hanz said:

What happened to Rozzers thread that he started that was up against the acca?  :hysterical:

rocket’s thread - fuelled by the revolutionary concept of betting on heavy favourites at home - was started in early November last season and quietly forgotten about by late January.

Manboobs never made it to Gravediggers in Dublin for a pint ?

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