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The Weekly Chat Accumulator 21/22

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5 minutes ago, Studebaker-90 said:

In the beginning I was led to believe that the barometer for success was measured off of Bet365. Was one of the reasons I created an account. If that’s the case, rocket should stay in. 

Dont believe a particular bookie was identified. Lots of games and markets have been selected over the 3 years that Bet365 dont offer. 

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9 hours ago, rocket_scientist said:

Running totals in order;

buzz 4/4 (free stay when lose - surely 2 free stays when gets 6?)

stu 3/3 (free stay when lose)

ksl 3/3 (free stay when lose)

rocket 0/1

tc 1/1

don f 0/1

g31 0/1

sh 0/1

dizzd 0/1

h 0/1

mhd 0/0

rfe 1/2

roberto 1/2

tdd 0/1

ddived 0/2

1/6 + 5/6 + 3/6 + 4/6 = 0/4 accas, 14W, 10L



Fixed for you. 

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1 minute ago, rocket_scientist said:

The bet won. The pick came in.

I helped the cause late in the day when you incompetent cunts were sitting with your thumbs up your arse.

thedandydon will be the arbiter. What he says will go. Even if you stupid bastards don't have the intelligence to bet with industry-standard benefits, that's not my fault.


It only came in for those with bet365 accounts (or whoever offer early payout). If bet was placed with Skybet, it lost. You predicted Bournemouth would win, they drew. You lost, now fuck off back to your own thread. 

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3 minutes ago, rocket_scientist said:

You changed your tune. You were too cowardly at the time but like the committee man sheep that you are, you thought you could avenge the personal pain you feel, the obsession you demonstrated the day your child was born.

I didn't make you stupid and cowardly. Only you write your own posts. Don't shoot the messenger. Introspect. 

It paid out for me cos I have a bet365 account. It still didnt land for everyone though (as not everybody uses bet365) and your selection was incorrect. Now fuck off you bulbous cunt. 

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Just now, rocket_scientist said:

You're not in charge you utter fuckwit. Here's something you can introduce to your committee; there are differences between opinions and judgements. It's quite a basic distinction really but one that appears to be way beyond your grossly limited intellect.

You predicted Bournemouth to win. They didnt win. There's no grey area. 

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4 minutes ago, rocket_scientist said:

Tdd, for the record and before you make your decision, if you have a precedent to fall back on, I'm sure that like the law, you just go with that. If it's the first time it's happened - that an early pay out kicked in - then you may be uncomfortable because most people don't like or want the responsibility of making decisions.

I just want you to know that I don't give a fuck either way. I'm happy to stand aside to appease the fuckwits (although G31 isn't a fuckwit so it's 1-1 excluding them and I). Just don't make your decision just because you're scared of nasty little mutants. They're really harmless. It's just words on a forum, an environment they're determined to drag down into an infant's playground.

This is more like the hat of old. Something substantial to debate. Not as substantial as celebrating a defecation of course but an actual set of circumstances to consider, not a pile of shite engineered by layers upon layers of lies. 


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6 minutes ago, rocket_scientist said:

You're the judge are you? I thought we could leave that call to the man in charge, no? Wouldn't that be more equitable? Has there ever been an automatic pay out with the two goals on here before? 

Happens most weeks to be fair and we have never ever kept the person in if the game subsequently has ended in the pick being wrong. 

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1 minute ago, rocket_scientist said:

No it doesn't happen most weeks in the hat acca. You've plucked that out of your arse. The consequence of you doing this makes you look like a tit, as is anyone is who suspends judgements based on personal vendettas. Just shut the fuck up to save from exposing yourself. I don't even have to turn you types inside out now. I've done a cracking job. Your credibility has been shot deid. 

You asked "has there ever been an automatic payout with the 2 goals on here before". And yes there has...numerous times. You didnt ask, if the game had subsequently ended in a draw or defeat, just whether early payout had been used - which it has. 

Back in your box halitosis. 

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Just now, rocket_scientist said:

I got paid over £60 so it was a winning pick and 2 x winning doubles (as I had the "incorrect prediction" on both).

You're making yourself look petty and vindictive. I don't know the history but it's safe to assume that tdd does and I'm happy to stand down if he says. If the late pen in the real incorrect prediction had been scored, you would've got paid because my selection won, and was actually the first to come in, one of three that was already done and dusted by HT. 

I would have by using Bet365. Others within the acca who dont use Bet365 would have lost and it would have been based on your pick being incorrect. 

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1 minute ago, rocket_scientist said:

Well if anyone is using any of the websites that don't offer additional punter benefits - and the early pay out has saved me many times before - then at least the consequence of this occurrence will help them in the future. 

Ah so it would have been their fault as opposed to the person who picked the losing bet? I see...

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