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Being a Mod For A Day


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1 hour ago, Sooper-hanz said:

Rozzers pattern was - Log on. Use every one of his day's allocation of downvotes on me. Argue with everycunt. Log off. 

Every day. Totally obsessed he was. 

Come on Hanz.

Whenever Rocket posted you were on within minutes winding him up.

It was like you were poking a bear in a cage because you knew he would react.

Totally obsessed you were.

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7 hours ago, Poodler said:

After all the shit that gets written here it’s mental he doesn’t get back.

Fathers, how much of you thought when changing your daughters’ nappies that you’d like to just give it a little lick. Some of you must. Just the tip of the tongue on the vulva.


see, you can write that and have no problems, yet tup is banned for life. Mental 

You are a deeply strange little man

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