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Being a Mod For A Day


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23 minutes ago, The Boofon said:

Hardly. It was constant Hanz. A real obsession. Pretty strange behaviour (his was much stranger)

Latterly it was. However there was a definite turning point. It was almost like at some point Hanz decided he'd had enough of rocket being a prick to him so just decided to try and piss him off as much as possible. 

So that's what he did. In almost every thread. To almost every RS post. It was effective in pissing RS off, to be fair. There were plenty times I'd think "give it a fucking rest" though.

I definitely blame RS more for that tedium though. 

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5 minutes ago, Sooper-hanz said:

? A load of the back and forth stuff was between you and him, Parky, come on now.

BTW I genuinely tried to help him but it fell on deaf ears.



Oh aye. I entertained his pish plenty by arguing with him. 

I was just saying that I felt you'd had enough of him being a cunt, so decided to piss him off as much as possible. 

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