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Being a Mod For A Day


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3 hours ago, Grays Babylon 1875 said:

Undoubtedly some seriously disturbed individuals use this forum, but let's leave any meting out of punishments to the authorities if they feel it's necessary.

Meantime....  Let's all be peaceful and non-violent like  - 



I decide who gets punished, fuck off with your authority shite, I decide what happens in my City.

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25 minutes ago, Millertime said:

Which part specifically in what he said about dad's and their kids do you think was misconstrued?

I'll wait 

I think you’ve completely missed the point.

the point wasn’t what was written, but rather that it can be written. I don’t have to believe in everything I write. But I can write it. 

tup can’t 

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15 minutes ago, Fridge said:

 But it wasn’t funny to be fair, but still a joke

See that's the thing Fridge there's a known trait in a lot of sex offenders that they "leak" information. They "joke" about it, discuss similar cases in the media, I read an article about it once.

Poods is a perfect example of it, he can't help himself, probably gets a wee buzz off it.

Anyway I've made my point and I'll leave it now.

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