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Just now, styrofoamplates said:

Got to be a pickled onion Monster Much. 

Quavers would be a close second. 


Maybe a bit airy for a drinking man. Need something stone cut. A McCoys, Tyrells etc. 


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Just now, Don Fonte said:

Definitely been a thread for this before min.

My choice would maybe have been beef & mustard Brannigans.

Probs but was I fuck going to find it. 

That's a posh choice. Inverness based. No surprises on my end. 

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2 minutes ago, milne_afc said:

Anything from M&S. Leaders in the crisp market.

Tend to agree. Had some 'pigs in blanket' ones from there the other week. Marvellous. 

Felt like I'd drank a bottle of oil, though. 

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Just now, Redforever86 said:

Those ridged walkers hot chicken wings ones last year were sublime. Hope they bring them back.


Anyone tried the Doritos Stax flaming chicken wings flavour?

Yeah decent. Can't help but feel they are killing you, though. 

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