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Dundee 2 - 1 Aberdeen

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6 minutes ago, Tord31 said:

Narrow defeat in this one.

BTTS is free money.

Some would prefer to say both teams to concede.

Griffiths double (his only goals of the season) and stunner from Ferguson


He's injured/suspended, Griffiths

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25 minutes ago, WesthillWanderersFC said:


 McCrorie Gallagher MacKenzie

Ramsay Ferguson Brown Hayes


              Ramirez Watkins 

I’ll be optimistic. 
2-1 Dons. 

If we lose I hope Cormack pulls the trigger, but given his public show of support last week, no chance sadly. 

I wouldn’t say it was a public show of support! If it was a show of support then the club activities would continue as there would be confidence and belief in the process. He’s essentially put his leadership platform on hold until the team improves - now, how long can he put it on hold for? That’s the question. Instead of support, he’s essentially fired the starting pistol.

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13 minutes ago, Don_Corleone said:

I hope you're guessing wrong with Jenks playing, absolute waste of space.

Will be interesting to see if Lewis is reinstated

I think Woods was played against Arbroath to give him some much needed game time with the presumption he would be carrying on as our first choice 'keeper for the foreseeable future..

However Glass must surely now be reassessing everyone involved in that fiasco individually. But having to resort to bringing Lewis back so quickly would be an embarrassment for Woods and an even bigger embarrassment for Glass. 



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47 minutes ago, maryhilldon said:

6 on a Saturday is a great time.  Gives you most of the day to do other stuff,  and doesn't eat into too much of the evening. I'm all for it. Also suits folk that work till 5 in a shop/pub etc.

Their career choice, 3pm is the traditional time - what other stuff do you do on a Saturday?! 

Dundee okay, fine but imagine having to travel back from the city of the great unwashed at 8pm on a Saturday.  A night out in Glasgow, no thanks.

Plus 6pm means you have to rush your dinner.  SPFL ruining the game, donkeycaster must go.

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4 minutes ago, maryhilldon said:

Some folk have young kids,  can spend the day doing stuff with them,  then go to game or watch in the boozer.  Same with anyone that works days at the weekend. 

Why not just take kids to the game?  

If you work days at the weekend, then unlucky, the rest of us can't stop the world for you.  

If you're a doctor or nurse etc, well you can't do much about it and thanks for your service but anyone else, get a new job!

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9 minutes ago, Alex Ferguson said:


Dundee okay, fine but imagine having to travel back from the city of the great unwashed at 8pm on a Saturday.  A night out in Glasgow, no thanks 

You're only thinking about away games. And they don't show arsecheek home games on telly anyway so it's a moot point. Great time for a Saturday home game I reckon. 

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