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The Weeekly Treble To Avoid

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Back to teams with names we all know thankfully. And Pops celebrates the return of Scottish football by selecting a 72/1 loser. Wave bye bye to that crisp score note old chap. 

As an aside....he's opening Dad's apiary. I'm fairly certain he has no fucking idea what an apiary actually is but even if he does, in common with his betting, he's gonna get stung to fuck.

Anyway feast your eyes on this little lot...

ICT......facing Kelty Hearts away, who were decent last season . This is the most sensible of his selections and only a 23/20 shot

Stranraer.......at home to full time Queen's Park. A 3/1 selection here, not the worst shout taken in isolation. But trebled up....nah 

Stenhousemuir........at home to Partick. 15/2 we get for this little beauty. Say your prayers old timer...

Jesus fucking Christmastime


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Only a 35/1 shot this week

And although it pains me to say it, this once might have a bit of a chance.

Annan Athletic......excellent start to the season, beating (albeit 9 man) St J on penalties. And also beat QOS away in the local derby. 23/20 seems mighty generous for a home match against Elgin based on these results and where both teams finished in last season's SFL2

Cove.......at home to Livingston. 100/30 seems about right, the SPL team should beat a team newly promoted into the league below them but stranger things have happened. I suspect this is the game that lets him down but wouldn't be surprised if it goes to penalties and Cove getting the bonus point......and Pops getting the hard luck story.

Dumbarton.....away to Peterhead  @ 29/10. Of course we've beaten both in the past week but only put 2 past them both. Honestly no idea which way this one will finish so can't argue against the auld duffer taking Dumbarton.

I'm actually very tempted to give this one a go. Must resist.

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He's up in all 3 matches at half time. Question is will he hold his nerve if Dumbarton and Cove stay only one goal up at around 70 minutes or will his bottle crash and cash it out?

Tbh it's a biggish winner already and I wouldn't blame him for doing it....even now he must be sitting around £100 quid up on his stake. 

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He did cash out last week but didn't do so in time to stop one of his sides getting pegged back to all square consequently only won about £35 iirc.

This week........another £20 sailed down the Swannee..... 

2 defeats and a draw. A 58/1 treble that got exactly what it deserved. The funniest bit was backing Kelty against Livi. If they'd been at home it might have been understandable. But at Livi? Bizarre.

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5 hours ago, Sooper-hanz said:

He’s not. He’s genuinely shite. Picking three teams randomly every week would produce better results.

If he was picking three teams to deliberately not win every week and getting that right he’d be a millionaire.

Think about it.He’s a funny dude but clueless about football.

Nah, he's at it. No-ones that unlucky. He's picking ridiculous shouts every week.

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1 hour ago, Sooper-hanz said:

You're almost giving him a get out " Aye, well some of you sussed I was being deliberate with my crap picks etc...,"

Stop looking for conspiracies and theories that aren't there. 

He's just shite. The end. There's not a lot to get your head around. 

Well I disagree,  I think he's at it.  We'll leave it there.

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Blackburn, Wycombe and Northampton are his selections this week.

21/1..............presumably his GP has fired him onto some new anti-psychotics and some sensibility and clarity of thought has returned to chez Pops.

If you are ever tempted to follow his punting lead, this week is probably as good a week as any to do so. 

I can't believe I'm writing this. Jesus fucking Christmastime

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