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The Weeekly Treble To Avoid

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  • 2 weeks later...

Old timer off to a dreadful start, his FGR selection succumbing to a 4-0 pumping by Exeter.

However yet again he redeems himself with yet another double, Barnsley and Northampton netting him an overall £1.75 profit on his outlay and once again avoiding crashing through the -£1200 barrier.

Ah no

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So a hearty congratulations to the auld prick for his win last week.

And by some creative accounting, he's somehow managed to figure out that the running total of losses wasn't actually over the 1k bangers, but in actual fact is just over the £500 mark. Hoo mama

If you believe lightning will strike twice in a row, he's went for Cardiff City, Reading and Colchester United this week. 'Mon the bookies...

That's the stuff

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  • 3 weeks later...

After last weeks anti-DWT romped home he's been a bit more circumspect with his selections

Norwich, Huddersfield and Shrewsbury for anyone that's looking to donate some cash to your local bookie's accounts. Just shy of 18/1 you'll get 

Strangely his soliloquy this week is full of Dad talking about Dad in the third person. The big revelation however is that he admits to being a "self soother". Something the Hat had realised years ago.

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Since @Dadlikes to put some stats into his reddit drivel, here's some stats about the DWT since the glorious win in the new year.

Games played -  15, won - 1,  drawn - 3, lost - 11

Goals scored - 9, conceded - 27.

11 out of 15 picks didn't even score a goal.

£35 a week when you take in the treble, doubles and singles, pretty grim reading.

Seek some help old boy https://www.gamblersanonymous.org.uk/


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22 hours ago, Sooper-hanz said:

He averages 1 win a year. Going by the law of probabilities a chimp randomly picking three teams every week would have a better success rate. 

Surely to fuck everyone is clearing up on betting against whatever nonsense he produces?

I’m still hoping that he starts backing Aberdeen to get beat every week.

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  • 2 weeks later...

For anyone wishing to relieve themselves of a few quid, here's this week's abomination of a treble, courtesy of the auld pevert.

West Ham.......against Brighton, not the worst way to kick it off despite WH being 13 points behind and having played 2 games more. 

MK Dons.....away to Port Vale. Both teams on a bad run of form, MK are 10 points behind PV but again, I can understand why he's went for MK. 

And then...

"Shrewbury" Town away to Derby. Holy fuck. Just a 5/1 shot.......technically these 2 are the closest in position to each other, both in points and places. But just no.

If you trust the auld duffer, somewhere around 90/1 awaits at the bookie of your choice. FWIW I can absolutely see him getting a double up. One that would comfortably see him in profit for the week. But the treble? Nope. Not happening. 

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