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Bojan Miovski

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19 minutes ago, Millertime said:






I Absolutely love this guy already and in all seriousness, think he will leave us in a good few years time having cemented himself as the best striker to ever play in Scotland 


He could be out of the top 5 for the Dons and still be brilliant. Delighted he's here - this is an exciting prospect - hope he can settle , develop and score. Good job all round. 

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His bird will last about 5 mins in Aberdeen before returning home depressed, his form will nose dive like CR cause he’s nae getting his hole and we’ll have two strikers we a face on contributing absolutely fuck all.

Goodwin will be sacked before the winter break 

The oracle has had a vision 

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2 minutes ago, Helmet said:

Another price falls into place.

With a few players signed up now maybe it'll be easier to convince others ours is a team they want to be part of.

Ps - his bird is absolutely lovely

Potentially being in the vicinity of missus Miovski should help us convince a few others to sign up with us

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