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Bojan Miovski

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3 hours ago, aberdeen1970 said:

Because we really need this guy to be a game changer for us I think. 

It's great getting new defenders in and hopefully that helps us be more solid but we need really quality in the final third. 

We still need a couple signings in the attack

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3 minutes ago, Broken_Glass said:

Simply because on the face of it Zero was a flash in the pan with very little consistency and impact.

He could do step overs and fancy dribbles with the odd bit of magic but overall his consistency and contribution to the team was sporadic at best.

The reason being he was a mummie, under the pyramids  and came to life now and then.

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Striker Bojan Miovski will today undergo a medical for Aberdeen in Spain. However, Goodwin revealed that the club are facing a Brexit headache in regards to the North Macedonian striker.

Goodwin said: “He is allowed to come out to Spain to do the medical due to the European thing and he can train with us as well.

However once we go back to Aberdeen he unfortunately won’t be able to come with us because he has to do that visa process. There is a lot of red tape and without going into the politics of Brexit it certainly hasn’t helped the football side of things.

“It’s affected every industry across the UK with the red tape in terms of bringing people in to work. Football is no different. We don’t get any preferential treatment and we have to go through the same procedures as everyone else. It just adds that little bit extra time to the process.”



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3 hours ago, NEM said:

Aye a bit of extra paperwork is right up there with cutting off the clubs main income stream for months on end ?‍♂️

Haha.... this ^^^^^

It amuses me when I see folk slaggin off Tories this, Tories that, English pricks here there and everywhere, ruining our lives. As soon as everyone realises all politicians are blood sucking, egotists who don't give a fook about you or me, the better.

You think Scotland's political leaders have your self interest at heart? Do they f*ck. They took months to re-open this country from lockdown rules when England pressed ahead. All to score some brownie points with their voters and cut their noses off to spite their west coast bias pusses.

Send the frickin lot of them to the gulag!!

Bojan will sign... just be patient. More signings though please!

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11 hours ago, Tinyweelad said:

Haha.... this ^^^^^

It amuses me when I see folk slaggin off Tories this, Tories that, English pricks here there and everywhere, ruining our lives. 

Especially since the NE is the Tory stronghold in Scotland ???

betty hates the weegies yet loves the English. How queer

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