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Wold Cup Betting

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Guest milne_afc
Just now, Parklife said:

Definitely. Used to enjoy yer mans contributions. He's trying too hard to be contrarian about everything these days though. 

Fair enough. I think he’s just homesick 

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Guest Grays Babylon 1875
18 minutes ago, manboobs109 said:

Climate has no influence on athletic performance? What do teams bother with acclimatisation then?

I think the weather thing has maybe become a bit too much of an issue here due to Parky steaming in after a few colourful cans and throwing the insults about.

Iran are over priced, end of story.

Would be class if they thumped Ingland.

I see they've just sentenced some protesters to death. Hoo mama !!

Thon Indigo Rumbelow fella would be fucked over there. 

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9 minutes ago, Sooper-hanz said:

Really? So say Aberdeen were 2 up against the hun after 25 minutes would they pay out ?  (Genuine question I’m not big in the betting game)


Generally they don't offer quite as good odds as you get on Ladbrokes if you use their boost so it's up to the punter to decide between them. I've had one winning line where a team went 2 goals up...and IIRC went on to lose the match 4-2.

Old rocket tried it on in the weekly acca thread. His selection went 2 up but eventually drew 2 -2. He tried to claim a win on the basis that Bet365 had paid out on his team. He got told to gtf 

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