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The Weekly Chat Acca 2023/24 Season

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An acca to remember!  Doesn't get much better than a good size odds winner just before a cup semi final win.

Happy to be kept out of the team next week again guys.



@Ten Caat(6)(1)




@Durrant Dived(4)(1)



G31Don (3)



Don Fonte(2)

KingStreet Loon (1)


The Dandy Don(2)

The Buzzard(6)

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That was the 5th winner, with the following winners

1st - Dazzy - 5 times

=2nd - G31Don, Durrant Dived- 3 times

=4th - Don Fonte, Henry, The Buzzard, , King St Loon - 2 times

TenCaat, Studebaker-90, Standfree1978, The Dandy Don, Sooper-Hanz, RedForever86, Eeps, Quagmire - 1 time.

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