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Aberdeen 2 - 1 Ross County

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And Clancy only been in charge of one Ross County game which they won, but lets be honest our defeats as much down to our incompetence rather than a SFA refereeing conspiracy to get us relegated. Think fact aggregate score is 9 - 1 in our favour this season so far  is a better stat.

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46 minutes ago, McPhee123 said:

Here's a way to make sure refs and VAR don't ruin the game. Score more legitimate goals than the other team.

and don't handle the ball in the box nor dive in for stupid tackles (are you listening Mr Devlin and Mr MacKenzie?)

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33 minutes ago, sheepcrooky said:

Looking forward to this. Missed a lot of games working ‘awa this year. 
Full on COYR and the crowd behind the team. 
Winning this by +2 at least. 

No need to boast. Some of us have been at most of the games.

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37 minutes ago, Snelders Snottters 89 said:

Bought tickets for Saturday but it's only for the day out pints etc seeing it's decent weather. 2-1 or 1-1.

This post peaked in the middle. The start and the end were both disappointing.

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Come on reds and redettes. Let's not lose focus. Saturdays match is incredibly important. Get your arses along to Pittodrie snd back the shirts. Sing, roar, clap and cheer them on to victory. Weather forecast is good as are ticket sales.

It's going to be quite some event. 

PS. If by some disastrous turn of events Lennon has been given the managers job between now and Saturday I take back all of the above. 

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1 hour ago, Johnnyred1 said:

We need the right team with the right attitude to turn up, but even more importantly, a bit of good luck for a change. We have had very few penalties go our way whilst gifting the opposition one on a regular basis.

We got lucky last time out at Motherwell with their goal being disallowed.  Hopefully a sign our luck has changed.


Think we'll win this one quite comfortably.

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