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Scotland V Norway

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Confirmed line up:














Looks like a 4-5-1 but attacking looking midfield, think we'll win this, I'll go 2-1.



I just hope our defence holds up with Weir. Norway are very capable of scoring.

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I just hope our defence holds up with Weir. Norway are very capable of scoring.

Nae happy with Weir, but don't think anyone would have expected anything else. Only plus is he's very tall like Carew, but I fear I'm clutching there.


Going to pub now, c'mon SCOTLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Was confident but not too much now after seeing the team. 2 guys banging in goals for fun in squad and neither play and we play 1 midget up front. Here's hoping he is on his 1 in 3 inspired games and not his 2 in 3 greedy non team player who tries to do everything himself and fails!!

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who the hell was saying Iwelumo should get a call up a few weeks back?


go on, own up. its not just the open goal that has been a shambles, its everything about him so far. comes too deep to get the ball, caught offside, cant pass, cant dribble.


and its not even just him thats been sh*te. Naysmith, what a mare hes having. Only decent one out there has been Brown and to a slightly lesser extent, Fletcher.

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