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Wrestling Thread


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I wondered how long it would take for that to be posted. Patty is going to have kittens when he sees someone has posted it. He doesn't like it as it exposes the business. I think it's one of the funniest wrestling things i've ever seen.


on a similar kayfabe-breaking note -






fair play, that was funny.


i also liked the illegal move one where the opponent breaks out the worm and slides on his forehead. creased myself laughing

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They are funny. Lighten up.


Nope, not funny at all. I'd much rather have Katie f'n Vick over this crap. This is the reason they will never amount to anything worth while in the business of wrestling.


and when I was 13 Aberdeen were great. Fkn garbage now though. Shameful there is even an entire internet forum about them.







fair play, that was funny.


i also liked the illegal move one where the opponent breaks out the worm and slides on his forehead. creased myself laughing


I'm disappointed in you Robbo. Thought you knew better than that!



Talking about who will win what matches and allsorts, and saying wonder if this gadgie will outwit the other, feckin hell lads, steady on.


Please let me use one of your well known quotes...



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Aye? Got a text from a Manu Player only last night saying that they were going to win 5-1 tomo. The deals apparently are always made on the Wednesday.


Difference is m8 some actually see this is a sport. Its not a sport, its a joke. Each to their own, of course, but wrestling is a farce and just frankly sh*t imho.


What exactly do you get out of typing that in a Wrestling thread which you clearly don't like? That's twice you've derailed this thread - the first time was enough, nae need to come back again eh?

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I'm doing nothing of the kind....I'm calling actors actors.


Actor; Someone who takes directions for use in a dramatic performance.


Yes, I think we all know that there is an element of acting involved. But this is classed as Sports Entertainment. Believe it or not, some US states require you to have a sporting license to hold professional wrestling events.


What most of us a recognising here is the athletic ability and conditioning needed to pull off a wrestling match though. Hence why I will always be against those videos that were posted above that require no athletic wrestling ability at all.


So essentially, all you are doing is pointing out the obvious. An observation that we all know and probably jave known about for many years before you enlightened us to the fact.

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Yes, because it's not fixed... d'uh!


Does Italian football and cricket count as sports as well? They've been well known to have people fixing matches...




i know its going to seem like im marking for the rock today but i always remember this promo from when he was away to fight lesnar. a mini insight into the real training he did.




you cant do jumps like those if you arent in fantatic physical shape.

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Wrestling in general is a sport betty, go look it up love.


Olympic recognised sport and Scotland has some very good wrestlers.


So if its Greco-Roman, freestyle, sumo or Sports Entertainment , a thread with the general title of "The Wrestling Thread" very much belongs in the other sports section.


As far as I'm aware this thread isn't exclusively for WWE.


Quite amusing seeing those who dislike wrestling so much spend so much time explaining why they don't like it. Now scuttle along and tell someone who gives a f**k.

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