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I almost feel sorry for Diamond seeing him play this badly. But it's not just a bad spell, he's been like this for the best part of a year. It's probably in the best interests of both parties for him to go at the end of the season, whatever is wrong with him isn't going to get fixed at Pittodrie and we can't afford another season like this from him.


Best part of a year? You're being extremely generous to him there!

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Hopefully now we're safe (I think...) he'll have played his last game for us?


We are practically safe, hamilton are 12 points behind with 15 goals less than us with 4 games to play


They can still technically do it if they win the rest of their matches and score a shedload of goals, while we lose the rest of our games

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I didn't feel nearly as much contempt for Ifil as I do for Zander f**king Diamond, and he was abysmal.


How this abomonation of a "footballer" has managed to draw a wage, and a f**king huge one at that, from the professional game I have absolutely no scooby.


I hope, and if there is a God (and I hope his name is Jim Jefferies), I will pray long and f**king hard to the granite faced c**t that he takes this useless b*stard.


Dear Jim, please fix it for us.

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Yeah but he plays for Aberdeen though :rolleyes:

Are you serious? The real reason is because he is sh*te, even when he showed a slight bit of talent he went away and f**ked it with his constant shitness, says it all when David Weir is still in the Scotland set up and Diamond isn't even close.

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