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Well Done Hearts

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With the budget they have (Houston said it was circa £9m, and Uniteds was £1.5m - Dons can't be too much more than that) they should very much be beating teams like Paksi.


Good result - but barassieman have you gone soft? No need to start a thread about it.


The way scottish teams have been recently i would say last nights result was excellent. Hearts got beat by Ferencvaros 5 or 6 years ago and scottish football is a lot worse these days, so it was a good result.

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Absolutely, wipe the smile off that melted rubber boot faced c**t Redknapp's cockney coupon.


hope spurs beat hearts, and beat them royally.

why would i want that utter joke of a club to win in europe.


will wipe the smile off that inbred c**t Tup's heelan' coupon.

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I've no idea why any Aberdeen fan of sound mental state would wish to attend a football match between Heart of Midlothian and Tottenham Hotpies.


Can anyone explain?


Tottenham and Aberdeen have a football casual link up of days gone by and still exists these days albiet the casuals are not the amount of people they once were.

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I remember hearing Redknap saying last season that he didn't want to play in Europe this season. His thinking was that he didn't have the squad to compete on two fronts. Their champions league run cost them in the premiership. So you never know, might stick out the reserves for this!


No chance. Too much pride at stake in a "Battle of Britain"


Had they drawn a team from Sweden or some other European country you might have a point but Redknapp will be well up for this one.

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More jews in our support than you think



Stewart Milne being the biggest Jewbag of them all.


Alot of lads support Spurs, older guys right enough - and few sons of older gadgies support Spurs also.


Many have put on FB already that they are going to head to the game......but can't see anything happening, given as you say, Hertz haven't had a mob.


Are Tottenham one of your teams?


Canna be arsed using the search function to find out. :fishing:

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