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Well Done Hearts

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I agree with those who hope Hearts do well, as its good for Scotland and they are not the Old Firm ;) And Spurs should really be punished for their arrogance, furthermore they are English and thats enough reason to want them to lose in my opinion. But of course they are huge favourites for these 2 matches and will probably go through.

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There isn't a debate to be had here. Spurs will obliterate Fearts.


They have won what, two in the last 15 games or something? And were dominated by the Arabs on Sarurday on their own patch. This Paksi team were no great shakes let's face it, as well as the Diet Huns played. You get these results early in Euro tournaments-we pumped Vilnius 4-1, big f**king deal.


Marius Zakiukas getting torn a new arsehole by Van de Vaart-bring it on.






Hearts were pish against us but we were a charity case last Saturday - I saw this coming weeks ago. f**k Hertz and their financial cheating, I hope this hurts tonight. Biscuits Preston was beside himself as Richy turned thge knife in, baldy prick.



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