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I would never wear the Burberry check these days but 96 was before it started getting faked and becoming a chav fave, those people have a lot to answer for, they've also made stone island virtually unwearable.


true. hang the lot of them.


daniala westbrook has a lot to answer for.

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Wine is for women and homosexuals, and older alkie mannies who dinna have the stomach for pints.


It's just paint stripper, disna matter how high you go in value, vile stuff.


Champagne is also rank.



i pity a man that cannot appreciate a nice wine or champagne.


you better nae pass that pathetic pig-ignorant parocial attitude on to your kids.

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Fact ! I can drink less !


It's not so bad and the ' up ' side is I can afford to spend more on quality.


There is so much to choose from but so little time , one of the regions I have chosen to concentrate on is South Western Australian , the McLaren Valley( good Scottish connection there ).


I blew 27GBP on this baby , which I am looking forward to enjoying over the festive. It was New Zealand and Australia month at Majestic , so I got it with 20% off.









The Story Behind The Name

Most of McLaren Vale

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It's the McLaren Vale nae valley.


Anyway that's neither here nor there.


Sounds like a decent bottle of plonk although I'm nae a Shiraz fan. Also make sure you don't let thestooge anywhere near it.


Not a fan of Australian wine either. I think the weather there is always a bit hit or miss for vineyards. Not very often you get regular vintages each year from their regions.


Spain and Chile on the other hand pretty much come up with the goods year after year.


Viva Espana.

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anyone tell me what to look for?

Look for the aisles where they sell stuff called 'alcohol', then when you are in that area, avoid stuff called 'beer', or 'spirits', and simply head for the 'wine' section.


You'll find a selection of glass containers, or 'bottles' as us officianados call them, some will have a 'white' liquid in them, though when I say white, in reality this will verge from a very pale pus colour, to a deep pish colour, these as you may have guessed are 'white wines'; then some are a pinkish colour which bizzarely are not Pink wines, but in fact rose wines, presumably as they are made from the fruit of thorny flowers?


Finaly, the ones you're looking for which will be a deep crimson, almost purplish colour, are the 'red' wines.


Pick some up, buy them and drink them. You'll hae nae clue onywye, so fit dis it metter?

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im in loving mode, not fighting mode...so im not gonna dignify that with an answer


shit, wait...

You're going shopping in Tescos, what do you expect, an A-Z from Oz Clark? There are not many truly shit wines nowadays, especially to phillistines like me, and especially you, so just buy some, try some, and then buy some more of the ones you like. Jesus fuck.

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