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Why not...


Go to tesco, buy a few bottles of wine, try them, decide if you like any of them, and then buy a few bottles of the ones you like, and not insist as you have for years put every shitty decision of your life on an internet forum.



You're going shopping in Tescos, what do you expect, an A-Z from Oz Clark? There are not many truly shit wines nowadays, especially to phillistines like me, and especially you, so just buy some, try some, and then buy some more of the ones you like. Jesus fuck.

See, some great Tuechy advice there, in duplicate, ye canna beat it :thumbup1:

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that kinda is what ive been doing,but i wanna know what "reserve", or "merlot" etc means

A reserve is meant to be better, usually aged longer, merlot is a grape, as is Cabernet Sauvignon, or what have you. Try them, you'll find what is best.


Anyway, I've dignified your thread with much more of an answer than this deserves, so you could of course try thisMy link

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im in loving mode, not fighting mode...so im not gonna dignify that with an answer


shit, wait...


Oddly enough, facetious or not, you should listen to Fatshaft... because that's the second best advice you'll see.


Obviously mine is the best.


There are a million books out there on 'Fine Wines', what you should like and what you shouldn't like. There will be people who will bang on about 'bouquet' and 'body' and year and region... and frankly they're going to be absolutely fucking useless to you unless you fit into any of the following criteria...


* You're planning a career as a vintner


* You've been asked to review wine for a wine magazine/website/book/focus group/gang of winos


* You're a pretentious fuckwit who thinks flaunting their 'taste' in wine will make you look more cultured.


Now I don't know if you fall into any, all, or none of the above... but if you don't then here's the best advice you can get.


Try different wines. If you like it, drink it. If you don't like it, don't drink it.


My favourite wine in recent years has been Chocolate wine.. because it tastes like wine and fucking chocolate... it's brilliant. How could it not be? I could drain twenty bottles of this under ten dollars a bottle wine in a single sitting.


I went on a couple of websites to see what the 'Connoisseurs' thought of it, already knowing, and their opinions were that it was a ghastly concoction that 'cultured' types would never lower themselves to even trying...


...fucking up their own arse wankers, I trust you'll agree.


My other favourite wine used to be a Lambrusco for about 50p a gallon, came in giant bottles of the sort winos like to heft around with them for convenience-sake.


So, as Fatshaft said, you go to Tesco and you buy some bottles at random, and then you remember the wine you like, not the wine you think you're supposed to like.


BOOM! More fucking awesomeness advice from Kelt the Thunder God!

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haha i said that before i read your post!!!


youre genuinely saying that doesnt matter?



Of course it doesn't matter. It only 'matters' to people who think it should matter.


Aside from a VERY loose interpretation of Type Of Meat vs Colour of Wine, and what kind of food goes with Chocolate wine (Chocolate mostly) then no, none of that matters.


Now while I will happily admit to drinking 50p per gallon wine, because it tasted good, mainly, I've sat in the company of Russian government officials, Industrialists, several unidentified diplomatic sorts (Oh, one of them was Canadian) and drank Champagne that I wouldn't even use to clear my fucking drains. And I'm betting it was sight more expensive than 50p a gallon.


I will go further and say I'm 99% certain I could have shagged the Russian Technology Minister's wife If I'd been so inclined. Gagging for it, she was. The wife was not happy at all


Now that last part was largely unrelated to wine.... but it bears bringing up.

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My pal has got me into the organic wine of late. None of those sulphites in it. Can't say I feel half as bad the next day after a couple of bottles.


That's the problem with wine, especially red wine (and generally why I don't drink it much), it's the hooring hangovers.

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* You're a pretentious fuckwit who thinks flaunting their 'taste' in wine will make you look more cultured.


Nail, head.




if i didnt ask this question i wouldnt know there was a type of wine which gives u easier hangovers


suck that thinshaft and forbezy baby!

Just because it gives him less of a hangover doesn't mean it will give you less of a hangover. I don't get hangovers with red wine but white wine can make me feel like I have a war going on in my head.


As has been said. Go to tesco. Buy bottles of wine. Try them. Like them. I've done a wine tasting before and although I did learn stuff you need to drink a fuckload of wine to be able to tell the real difference bar a few little bits.

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Love a good red - problem is a lot of people can get a bit wanky about it all... I remember going out for dinner at new year and a vintner was one of the guests - pretentious prick was getting all the pricey stuff in and giving it all...


The fact is you don't need to spend a ricockulous amount to get a good wine and buying from Tesco's or M&S you'll get some excellent wines for under a tenner... If you want to spend 4 quid on one don't be surprised with what you're getting...


M&S do some great wines - bit pricier, but generally you won't pick a shit one in there... Tesco's finest are generally good wines too... Steer clear of Sainsbury's though, really poor selection in my opinion.


If you love a big deep Red you can go as far as a French Medoc, that's a big near porty taste in that... Me I've been drinking Chilean Carmenere for quite a while now - love the stuff with a good meal - can't go wrong with a Shiraz either.... Tend to steer clear of Cabernet Sauvignon there's a lot of shit around - but if you find a good one stick with it. If it's a "brand" name, it's shit...


Now I wasn't wrong on the cigar front... I'm not wrong on the red wine front either...

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i like having a wee glass of wine at night when im back from the gym...nice cigar from the humidor, nice glass of wine and sit down to watch some wheeler dealers/come dine with me and just properly unwind after an increasingly stressful day


BUT...dont know the first thing about it


i do prefer red...but thats essentially where i finish


i like a full bodied wine and ideally it would compliment a good cigar...but we dont need to get that advanced yet


anyone tell me what to look for?


got a big tesco beside me and according to a well loved norfolk dj...you can get good wine from there these days?




haha i said that before i read your post!!!


youre genuinely saying that doesnt matter?


from my albeit very limited experience so far...i DO think a certain wine can "go" with a certain food


the first bottle i bought said on the back it goes best with cheese, so i went and bought a mexican cheese from the deli counter and sat munching that drinking the wine...it DID go together


If you're buying a bottle of wine simply because it says it goes with cheese that's quite a broad taste spectrum they're claiming. :laughing:


Anyway I knew you'd start a thread on this after your ceiling fan statement about cigars and wine after the gym.


I should have bumped this thread to save you creating one. Wine topic created months ago.


Fill your boots and if you want to know anything let me know.


For reference a reserva wine would be more common than a Gran Reserva as the Gran Reserva is made with the pick of the bunch and there is less of it than a reserva. However just becasue it's a Gran Reserva doesn't mean to say it's better than a reserva.


It's all about personal taste. IF you like a specific wine then stock up on it.


Naked wines (in linked thread) give you the option of returning wine you don't like for a full refund. A good way to find your feet.


Mods can these threads be merged please? :thumbs:

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Just bought a magnum bottle of a 1981 Rioja 904 Gran Reserva for the wife's birthday.


Will enjoy quaffing that next weekend.


She was born in 1981 so I thought a nice vintage from that year would go down a treat.


Change that to a bottle of 1981 Gran Reserva 890, La Rioja Alta as the other one was sold out.


Not opened yet but I suspect it shall be awesome.


A 1 off purchase though. Normally stick to Riojas from Naked Wines

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I was going to add that I always think its worth paying a little bit extra for wine than you normally might do. With all the taxes, bottling and distribution costs on a bottle of wine you're getting very little wine for your money when you spend

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i've got a great little wine shop near me which also does a nice line in spirits.


as retail and independant its not the chepest but the owners are incredibly knowledgeable on the stuff and every few months or so i get invited to their own wine tastings. :cool:

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I always thought Black Tower and Blue Nun had a nice taste. Touch sweet but nice all the same. Had a bad rep by wine snobs.

My bird looked at me as if I'd asked to sniff the pants of her deceased granny when I suggested we use the bottle of Blue Nun in the fridge to take to a dinner party.


Haven't seen the nun kicking about for a while but the Tower is still clinging on in this modern wine world.


you canna fail with a classic like those two or a le piat dor.

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