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A New Signing To Come.

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I'll believe it when I see it.


High time an Aberdeen manager earned faith rather than expect it to be given regardless.


Well i can be more at ease now with brooner saying that as there are still good players about that


are without clubs and im sure we will have a new player if not for the hibs game then the next after.:scarf::dancin:

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pish. mr brown knew his budget. mr brown balootered said budget on unecessary(albeit cracking centre mids)players leaving us crippled elsewhere. his fault, nae milnes, millers, boards, as much as i hate the unambitious miserable pricks.



That is his way. Never going to get a swashbuckling team under CB. Might be solid enough but not much entertainment value. Impact players are seen as a luxury hence the loss of Aluko and bebo with no replacements.


Bring on the 1-0 or 0-1 scorelines for the rest of the season unless we can unearth a playmaker or by some miracle our strikers make their own chances.

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Diouf is out of contact...



Nah it won't be him, has to be someone with Blackburn Rovers, Jerome Anderson, Steve Kean, Billy Davies, Fulham or Preston North End connections. That is our 'network'.


Edit: Oh f**k, I honestly just noticed that he fullfillsat least two, maybe three of that criteria. Absolutely no chance though, although still probably more likely than McFadden.

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