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Pittodrie Now Officially Up For Sale.

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"To that end, the major shareholders remain totally committed to contributing additional equity and while we will require further equity, we would hope that the sale value of Pittodrie together with the naming rights and a secured mortgage will mean that we will be more than 80 per cent there in terms of raising the £38m required for our new home."

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I think whoever owns it can accept any bid they want.


If you were to put your house up for sale and I offered 10 grand more than Walk-Tall you could still sell it to Walk-Tall if you wanted to.



Walk-Tall might need to sell his house first for example where I could offer cash straightaway.


What they canna do is accept one offer then accept another one while it's under offer.


In England that can happen (gazzumping) but in Scotland an offer is legally binding once accepted in writing.


You can obviously still just decide nae to sell and wait a few months before marketing it again but I doubt that'd happen.


Rather ironically, is it not Talltray ltd that owns Pittodrie ? Do they also own the car parks ?

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Rather ironically, is it not Talltray ltd that owns Pittodrie ? Do they also own the car parks ?



No idea. I just racked my brains to think of someone from BCK that would raise a smile by the mear mention of his handle and Walk Tall was first up.


Tish-Kish was a close second place.


Pac-Man I guess would be the most popular property fella but he's minted and could buy any hoose he wanted if he knew he had money. :sherlock:

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Rather ironically, is it not Talltray ltd that owns Pittodrie ? Do they also own the car parks ?


As part of the financial restructuring, on 1 July 2006 the ownership of Pittodrie Stadium and its associated buildings and car parks

was transferred to Talltray Limited a newly formed wholly owned subsidiary of the Group. On 2 August 2006 a term loan of


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Full running of club (or talltray) signed over to Duncan Fraser in order to negate any conflicts of interest.


Presume whoever buys pittodrie will then be required to rent it back to afc for year or two whilst stadium is being built

Suspect that this is where SMG will come in. Value of land equals say 15 million and top bid maybe aqround 17/18 million. SMG bid 22 and then hire us back Pittodrie for the difference (and a profit).

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Can you imagine the estate agents advert?


Stadium for sale.


A once-in-a-lifetime chance* to aquire a 20,000 seater-stadium in an up and coming area of Aberdeen.


4 diversely designed stands each with a charm of its own, complete with numerous toilets, traditional in character as well as small kitchens dotted around the back.


Large lawn in central atrium area, with a significant amount of outdoor lighting installed.


Slightly fire damaged to one corner.


Sea views.






*unless the new one is a disaster

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Any experts out there able to let us know what the potential return could be if the club developed the site itself rather than sell it on to a third party developer?



I believe the articles of association would preclude us from doing so.


Housebuilding will not be mentioned anywhere in them.


But you are correct in that the club could make significantly more money by developing the ground itself.


BUT, it would also open the club up to more risk - if the development went badly (eg unforseen costs, property slump) and turned into a loss, it would most likely bring down the club.

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Two things I want only


1 SS red seat

1 MS red brick


Would be delighted if I could secure these items....


PS maybe one of the 4 lighting pylons for floodlighting the back garden.


ive been thinking about that too.


how (if) do you think they would go about giving things away.


how many number 83 seats are there in the stadium? :hysterical:

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Pittodrie No More

22.04.2010 Having been Aberdeen Football Club's home for more than a century, there is no doubt that when the time comes to relocate, it will be a monumental wrench for everyone connected with Aberdeen Football Club to leave Pittodrie Stadium. It has been the scene of so many memories - good and not so good - through the years and arguably, the spiritual home of AFC.


However, the bottom line is, for the Club to continue to thrive and flourish in the decades to come, remaining at Pittodrie is simply not an option, for a number of reasons.


The Cost of Redevelopment


Three of the current four structures would have to be demolished and rebuilt and would have to be undertaken in a phased approach over a period of approximately five years. A conservative estimate for the costs would be in the region of £30m.


UEFA Stadium Infrastructure Regulations


A redeveloped Pittodrie would need to comply with the standards of a Category 3 facility as set out in the above, requiring a playing surface of 105m x 68m with increased run off areas (5m) around the touchline. Given the constraints of the surrounding streets, the footprints available for new stands will be reduced for the Merkland, Main and South stands which coupled with best practice guidelines necessitating larger seats, additional leg room, superior disabled facilities, larger concourses, more toilets and vomitories will dramatically reduce the capacity of the redeveloped stadium to approximately 12,000. As many supporters will be aware, the Club did attempt, unsuccessfully, through the years to purchase the then adjacent gasometer and former Gray's Timber Yard.


Capital Contribution


The new stadium will enable Aberdeen Football Club to sell the existing site and consequently make a substantial contribution towards the capital cost of the new arena and this would clearly not be available should the existing site be retained and redeveloped.


Reduction in Income Streams


Given the reduced capacity, were the Club to remain at Pittodrie, income streams would considerably reduce which, when added to the cost of redevelopment, the lack of sales proceeds and the timescales involved, would lead to unacceptably high debt which could never be serviced, let alone repaid, rendering the whole process unviable. The new stadium will only be developed once funding is fully identified and in place. The Club will require to demonstrate that any debt carried into the new stadium will be serviced and repaid from the additional revenue opportunities and operational savings the stadium can deliver.


It is also acknowledged that it is imperative for the cost of the stadium to be 'stand alone' without any impact whatsoever on the ongoing operational budget for the football squad.


Training Facilities


It is our aim to incorporate associated training facilities adjacent to the new arena, something simply not feasible at Pittodrie Stadium, and discussions regarding this are ongoing.


In summary, as a consequence of the above, the redevelopment of Pittodrie cannot be considered as an option for the future home of Aberdeen Football Club. The site at Loirston offers the only viable and deliverable option within the boundaries of the City of Aberdeen and the location has been chosen and approved by Aberdeen City Council.



Pretty well explained, but I wonder why the bids for the highlighted areas was unsuccessful.

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