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Chat Mysteries?


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I can deny it, I never put forward a case to be a mod when this whole thing came out.


I had this discussion with VDA the other day, AFC Chat wouldn't exist if I was a mod.


Circa 2009 I felt I was missing out on being a mod, turns out I'd be a mod cunt rather than a cunt - I'm happy with 'cunt' status, it's better that way.


No mod nonsense for me. I never PM'd NicNac, this much is a fact.


A few interesting names cropped up! Surprised me greatly to hear their identities!

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My question is for Roberto.


How do you aim to get Chalali a cult following? I think you should start by giving him a nickname.


My question would be why he continues to ignore Dayts - the D-Man proclaimed himself the second member of the 'fan club' in his signature some time ago.


Justice for Daytripping.

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I'm getting there slowly but surely, I had to build up a little following first off.


I will get there. We haven't had a cult following of a player since Zerouali when we all wore 'Fez' hats etc.


There will be plans once the bandwagon has been jumped on by other members.




I hadn't noticed, he's been bumped up to member 2 in the list and an apology will be given.


He can be honourary vice president of the fan club.


how many followers do you need before it's a "cult"?

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