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So een of my cats has become a  fat bastard and has started to use his excessive weight to bully the other two out of their food.  Considering investing in those bowls that you can pair with the chip and it'll only open for the assigned cat.  Anyone here ever used them?  Do they actually work?


I'm quite concerned that your cat is becoming a sticky, glue like substance,  That's like something out of the Twilight Zone.


I hope it isn't infectious!!!!!!!!!

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9 hours ago, Grays Babylon 1875 said:

Ah sim, yes. 

She was just a little fluffy running around the Pet Store where I visited to adopt a dog.

The kitten is fine and with good people...

I gots me a little dog now in my casa.  A little piss machine called Amora.

And here she is..  4 months old.





My felines here looking a little confused at the new family member, but it's gonna be ok.   A touch of suspicion and a little hissing but we're cool for cats..



Gadz, the chair looks minky as fuck. 

You would need a good scrub wi dettol after sitting on it. ??

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