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Kilimanjaro Climb


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Mo te fuck you lot. The guts of a 100 members logged in, two and a half times that browsing, and since I donated about 3 hours ago, still only TWO of us from here have made a contribution.


Think about it, a tenner a skull and we can raise a quarter of the target in ONE DAY. Fingers oot yer arse.


Instead of thinking about what is going to be your 67th pair of trainers or spending hunners on a jaiket that makes you look like a retard or planning an all-inclusive holiday with scum, what's a fucking tenner?


The lassie is climbing a big brae and it's for a good cause. Do it.


I don't donate money to charity for tax avoidance and moral reasons. :ThumbsDown:


Good luck to the girl however.

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Well thanks for posting that. That helps. It actually helps your tax situation, numnuts.


I rarely give to mainstream charities because 98% of all donations get swallowed up by "admin costs" - funding useless cunts basically.


But if we can't help out a young lassie who is going to considerable personal effort by a token amount, how fucked are we?


This is a good cause for fucks sake. My wife works with Parkinsons and private donations for stuff like that and Alzheimers are crucial.


We get to use this forum for free thanks to the owners, the admin and the sponsors. Hosting and bandwidth ain't free. This thing costs money every day. So for once, can you change your mind and stick up some money for her?



Not if you're avoiding paying it numbnuts. :sherlock:


I'll make a donation anonymously without gift aid checked at a later date.

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a laudable goal.. worth supporting. :thumbs:


do you know yet which route you'll be taking?

Yeah I'm doing the rongai route, this is supposed to be the easiest, because u get an extra day to acclimatise, but no matter which route you take, I can't get away from the 16 hour walk on the last day :(

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Buzz off a mintie, buzz, got some important business to do here. Charity begins at home.


Hey LGIR, are you loaded? Got any scots blood in ye? Ye want some... and other assorted cliches.


You can send me a plane ticket and I'll come over and give ye a good seeing to. I'll even pay for my snacks at the airports.


Or I've got a weekend at Gleneagles to use up so don't tell the wife and me n you will use it.


We'll have to meet in the car park for a grope and a fumble first. Not wasting a weekend there if you're a pig. Got to check the chemistry.


that's no way to talk to Buzz! :nono:


and no, not loaded :laughing: wish i could say otherwise. but i do like supporting people's goals, when they're willing to put a bit of elbow grease into reaching it themselves.


for the record, i can't golf worth shit. so Gleneagles would be wasted on me. and i like travelling. so the plane tickets are all mine. i'd take a pass on me, if i were you :P

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:laughing: Blame my folks!! :dontknow:


And you don't want to hear my middle name! :laughing:


i reckon it fits perfectly.


on the outside he is beige volvo driving george.

but at the weekend he is the drink fuleled soccer mentalist dayts patrolling train platforms up and down the country, all in the name of a good squabble.

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As per the quines original post does anyone have any fundraising ideas?


I read on another thread today someone said they had an ole gunnar solskjaer signed jersey in the loft, how about donating that kind of thing to the girl so she can sell them on ebay?


I'd also pay to see Bluto and Tup fight to the death in a bath of custard.


Any more helpful ideas?

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