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Aberdeen V Dundeh.

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Motherwell play Hibs on Friday night and Caley play St Johnstone on Saturday. If we beat Dundee then Caley and Motherwell win then we are clear in 2nd place


Ultimately its down to us to win and not rely on results elsewhere but it would be good for us to be clear in second.


Mon the dandies


We have 3 very winnable games in a row leading up to Celtic at home. 9 points is not too unrealistic.

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I think it may be harder than some folk think, Dundee will probably come up with 11 behind the ball the whole game, need to try and get an early goal or it could be a long afternoon.


Ross County game all over again... We know just how great AFC are at breaking other teams down... Would be points dropped if we didn't win though...

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Tup, did your loon enjoy his first away day?


Aye, he thought it was absolutely magnificent.


Apart from the 3 hour journey down the road obviously, but we're well used to that.


We stopped at some bowling club and there was a pub league game going on across the road, in a public park. He thought that was Tannadice!


This was after I'd fed him a few horror stories about Dundee.


Anyway, we got there and he could hear all the noise outside the ground when we were going in, his face lit up.


We were in the front row so got a close quarters view of Fraser in the 2nd half, electric wing play.


He's now singing the Niall McGinn song, much to his mither's horror, he uses 'rubbish' instead of 'shite' at the end though.

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I was also in the front row of the Fair Play stand.


John Rankin didn't take too kindly to being called fat by me.


We were having a running battle with 'Graeme', the moustachioed steward who seemed to think he was in charge of a major policing operation, by continually ordering his stewards to stand in front of us so we couldna see the fucking game we'd just paid

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