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Aberdeen V Dundeh.

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Any reason the unfit milsom starts and Ryan Fraser doesn't or am I missing something?

Fuck i never realised i didn't have Fraser in the team :laughing: Was trying to go for a more open minded team considering who we are playing and that meant resting Hughes and well now maybe that means someone else dropping out now too. I mean i want to see Milsom get his chance but we know Brown will stick with the same team as Saturday

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This should be a "banker" 3 points...and with that in mind we will need to score at least 2...this has Clangers "slip" written all over it...it won't be just us that has noticed if you thump anything with half decent pace at the cu*t it will be spilt/parried to any advancing forward with enough conviction to follow up...with :crossfingers: 2-1 the dandies.

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Aye, I thought Naysmith might be another game away from a start and Robertson was impressive against United I hear?


Milsom probably still another couple of games at least from full fitness as well.


Might be a good game to start him though.


As long as Chris Clark doesn't start I'll be happy.

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Remember the days when a tannoy announcement would go oot for somebody to go to the hospital coz his wife was in labour :tommy:



Oh aye and another thing. As it's your team we're playing this weekend I'd also like to add that any friendship you thought you had on here has been temporarily removed until full time on Saturday you horribly gypsy caravan dwelling jute bastard. :pirate2: :pirate2: :pirate2:

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I don't see Brown rushing Naysmith back for this and imagine he will start Robertson

Aye. Had a decent game Saturday, bar one rash challenge that yielded an unnecessary yellow.


Swap Milsom for Hughes and you're looking at a decent team!

No! :nono:


Just NO! :nono: :nono: :nono:



I'll be missing out on this particular Aberdeen win due to the date clashing with my nuptials.

Good luck! :sheepdance::fight::wub:

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Cheers guys.


I know it would appear to be a schoolboy error (the date, not just the marriage) but in my defence, it was scheduled for next year and brought forward only fairly recently. It will result in a saving of several thousand pounds over the piece though, so not all bad.


The stagger co-incided with the win over Hibs, so hopefully a good omen, though my season ticket is quickly looking like a poor investment.

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Rory Fallon is shit now its getting colder.



Pointless Fallon returning now seeing as he can't play in the winter months.


Best keeping himself in top top shape for when the temperatures go through the thermometer in March.


Great minds :flag:


The several grand saving will come in handy for the divorce Dandyesque min.


You would know.

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