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Pittodrie Pies Today

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I stuck in that we should be selling rolls (rowies or butteries for you wrong uns). Seems like a marketing dream! Much easier to carry and dish oot a poochfae o rolls than pies. I also said we should be selling bacon and sausage rolls but the difference between a fiver and a twenty quid note confuses some of the fine ladies and gentlemen at the stalls, I'm not sure having two different sausage rolls is really a good idea,..

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You do in the Captains Lounge :whistling:


I take it you mean the captain's club?


Even the grub in corporate can be abysmal.

Lacking imagination and bland as fuck.


The dining in RDS is normally okay, but the food can be below average there too on occasion.

The food in TSL is acceptable perhaps on every one in three or four occasions.


Sodexo are, in general, woefully inadequate and nowhere near fit for purpose.

A fucking shambles, if you like.

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