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U20's Thread

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Yeah, surely should be a mirror of the top league and reserves play the top teams opposition reserves?

Typical Scottish football governance:


Only 27 teams want to play reserve football, so let's make it shite for the top pro teams just to appease a few hangers on.


Like you say (I think) make it a 10 or 12 team top league, let division 2 have the whacky number of fixtures etc

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Also.. no age restrictions other than a minimum age of 16


So the whole idea is to help bring on youth football yet YOUTHS below the age of 16 cannot play.


Clearly it is not about helping youth at all & it was reintroduced at the request of Celtic & Huns. Even though Huns aren't in it at this moment they will be at some point.

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Good opportunity to call time on this thread, now that the U20's have been disbanded. Will add this to the 'classics forum' once it's dropped off the page. Thanks to Cockney Don and others for the updates, those of us who follow the youth teams from afar are grateful!


New Reserve Team thread HERE


Once there is something to talk about, feel free to start a new topic for the U18's and youths.

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