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English League Cup 2013/14

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<br /><br />Is he though?<br /><br />Berahinho came along and folk thought he was exciting but signed a new deal and plays shit.<br /><br />See Raheem Sterling also.<br /><br />Is he just standing out in a poor Man U squad?<br /><br />Plays well but he very much drifts in and out of games and can't shoot at goal worth a fuck despite 10 shots at goal every game.<br /><br />I think he's good but the boy wonder and superlatives he's getting I'm not quite sure yet.<br /><br />Sent from my GT-N7100 using Tapatalk<br /><br />


He'll improve a lot when he decides that he's definitely not English.

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He's clearly got a lot to learn but if he has the right attitude,works his arse off and focuses on his football (not being English is clearly a major advantage) he could be a great player. I think the fact that he is the standout player at such a big club with experienced players around him, that's really struggling atm, speaks volumes of him.

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Brilliant 1-2 and cut back to set up Hernandez to force it to pens.


I agree that he drifts in and out of games and is quite naïve at times and will pick the wrong option at times but he's young and will get better with experience and hard work. He's one of these players you get excited watching when he's on the ball.

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