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English Premier League

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3 minutes ago, Roberto said:

No point celebrating a goal.

Well, that in itself does my tits in at times, when first half goals get celebrated like it's the winner in a cup final and it wastes 3 minutes sometimes. The minute the ball goes in, the game should re-start within 60 seconds. This is a BIG reason that league matches have 20-25 minutes of time added on now. 

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Haaland missed an one-the-line sitter in the 44th, hoofed it over the bar somehow. He's missed loads of sitters this season. Tap-in merchants don't usually miss... err, tap-ins, but he does. I reckon they need a better striker, a more rounded striker. Relying on him too much at times. He needs a new challenge. Go back to Germany. Red Bull gives you wings, Erling!

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1 hour ago, GAME OF BILLIONS said:

Man City 0 - 1 Man Utd

7th minute, Rashford 25 yard screamer in off the bar!

I had a feeling that United would dig deep and do same damage today.

Long way to go, of course...

You really should just post after a game haha.

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13 minutes ago, chief_wiggum said:

No interest in this league but i happened to catch part of the Man City game, that Foden is a right detestable cunt, a face I wouldn't tire of kicking, with his stupid firing gun celebration, wise up min your not 7 years old.

A cunt indeed, but some player. Looking forward to England v Serbia this summer, that will end in a riot.

England v Ireland games will be fun, too in Nations League.

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2 hours ago, GAME OF BILLIONS said:

Apparently, if Arsenal win the league, that helps Spurs get into the Champions League if they finish 5th due to the UEFA co-eff points for the new 36-team system. That would be ironic as fuck!

Spain are also in this position for a 5th Champions League team for 2024/25.

This just shows how corrupt Uefa are! 5 places in a competition for Champions of a League 

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