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Has this been missed?




He said: “I have so much respect for Broony and Lusto and everything they did for Celtic Football Club.

“It seems very fitting that they both get this opportunity to thank the fans and I have no doubt those supporters will turn out in great numbers, as they always do, to show their appreciation.

“I’m looking forward to a wonderful night on May 18 as, with Broony and Lusto involved, it’s guaranteed to be a cracker.”


Nice of Jonny to be heading down to Glasgow on Thursday night 40 hours before our big game against Hearts for a Celtic FC event. This is tinpot behavior from the club.

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Should be concentrating on trying to actually cross a ball rather than being down there the week of a massive game for the club and him possibly being captain rubbing up to another team we actually still have to play...

Not on and he shouldnt be allowed to be there really.

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Not sure how the club could stop him being there but nevertheless it's piss poor from Hayes.

We all know he's a lifelong Celtic fan but it's us paying his wages and and a 300 mile round trip not much more than 36 hours before a vital league match can't be a good idea, especially for someone in the twilight of his career.

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What's being missed here is that we still have to play Celtic in the league and he is down there at some official Celtic function, for him to even think that is a good idea tells you a lot about his intelligence and he should have knocked back the offer straight away.... otherwise the club has to step in and tell him to wise and up not be there.

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4 minutes ago, Granite95 said:

Didn't see this at the time, really poor form from Hayes on this, club needs to be stepping in here

Assume we'll travel down on the Friday afternoon but even still not a good look our stand-in captain being at a Celtic event, tinpot behaviour 

So does hayes miss Friday morning training or how does this work?

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4 minutes ago, jamiesd said:

No problem with this happening end of season.  Could you imagine Pep or Klopp allowing this sort of stuff to happen LOL.

Also would never have happened under McInnes, but under a former Celtic player this is apparently alright.

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