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Semi Final Roll Call

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In or Oot? - In


Far ye sittin? - Family stand


Per Match - not sure, somewhere kid friendly


Post match - driving home


Prediction - 1-1 after 90, if its extra time and pens then we will win 9-8 :thumbs: on panalties



Balmedie Supporters Club

Bus hame

2-1 Dandies



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Guest RobertoBaggio

In or Oot? - OOT (not going to be a glory hunter, and the fact of the matter is I've only recently got back into work after being paid off, so I'll need to find my feets again before paying for things like this).


Far ye sittin? - On my bum


Pre Match - Nae where


Post match - Nae where


Prediction - 2-1 Aberdeen

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In or Oot? - In


Far ye sittin? - Nae sure supporters club have booked the tickets


Pre Match - not sure, somewhere kid friendly


Post match - Granite City bus home


Prediction - 1-0 Aberdeen - Maguire


You heading down with the real deal ? :)


Im in but have no idea where i am going, who i am going with, why i am going or what the f**k is going to happen .


What i do know is the tims are f**ked and we are the ones doing the f**king.


2-0 dons and lennon to get smacked in teh face with the ball from close range.


Its the stuff dreams are made of

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In or Oot? - In


Far ye sittin? - P3 (south Stand)


Pre Match - City Centre, anywhere recommended?


Post match - bus home


Prediction - 1-0 Aberdeen - Hartley Pen



Anyone any idea for places to drink city centre or recommend getting out to Hampden area early or fit?

We have "Rangers end" at Hampden (which is another completely seperate arguement) and host of bars at that end of ground to choose from.

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In or Oot? - In


Far ye sittin? - Section P


Pre Match - Booked into Church on The Hill I believe


Post match - Cloud nine hopefully


Prediction - 2-1 Dons



I noticed a few people mentioning that church on the hill


Would individuals have to book or just turn up like?(Im going with my son)

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Apparently there's 600 Dandies booked in through various supporters clubs.


Dunno if individuals can book or what, we just walked in before the Cup Final last year no problem. Child friendly if you do make it in.



Cheers min but my 'child' is 20 and 6'3''-hes there to keep me in order :sheepshag:

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